Intravenous Therapy Doctors provide customized IV Therapy plans for men and women that want to improve a particular health condition or that want to derive general benefits from increased nutrition. IV Therapy Drips can be formulated to meet specific needs, and can be personalized to meet patients’ needs, preferences, and health goals. Healthy levels of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals are essential for health and optimal functioning of the body. Often, essential nutrients can be eaten up due to stress, poor lifestyle habits, and chronic illnesses. IV Therapy can restore these nutrients to increase overall health and provide a plethora of benefits.

Benefits of IV Therapy may include:

While scientists and physicians do not completely understand the mechanism that causes aging, many will agree that cellular oxidation and inflammation plays a large role in the aging process. Excess build up of toxins can also increase aging; however, IV Therapy may help to slow down or reverse some of the signs of aging. Nutrients such as glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid can remove cellular toxins, prevent oxidation, and eliminate systemic free radicals. Vitamin C can help to build up collagen, which can keep skin looking elastic and youthful.

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Enhanced Athletic Performance
Nutrients and oxygen rich blood are essential for building muscle, endurance, and stamina. IV Therapy can elevate nutrients in the body that help to promote athletic performance and muscle tone, such as Vitamin B12, calcium, amino acids, arginine, and electrolytes. Many men and women that have used IV Therapy have been able to increase and improve their overall athletic performances.

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Faster Surgery Recovery
Surgery takes a great toll on the body, and people that are older, immune compromised, or plagued with a chronic disease have a harder time recovering from surgeries. IV Therapy with nutrients that promote healing, such as Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, amino acids, and Vitamin B12 can help men and women to recover more quickly from major or minor surgeries.

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Improved Immunity and Wellbeing
High levels of stress, poor nutritional intake, and inadequate sleep can all cause the body’s immune system to hypo-function. Nutrition is a key component to maintaining a healthy immune system, and IV Therapy can improve general immunity and wellbeing. Customized IV Therapy plans that contain high dosages of Vitamin C, Complex B Vitamins, and Alpha Lipoic Acid can help to boost immune function and increase health.

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Weight Loss and Increased Metabolism
Personalized IV Therapy plans can help men and women to accelerate weight loss and increase their metabolic functions. Nutrients that help to speed up metabolism and build muscle, such as calcium and magnesium can be used in IV Therapy to promote weight loss. Thiamine and glutathione can also be used to reduce toxins, improve nutrition, and boost fat burning.

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Over time, toxins can build up in the body from processed foods, the environment, excessive alcohol intake, or smoking. Nutrients in IV Therapy, such as glutathione, which is known as a master detoxifier, can help men and women to reduce the amount of free radicals and other toxins in their bodies. Other nutrients, such as Vitamin C and B Vitamins can also help the body to rid itself of toxins.
Body Cleanse
Another benefit of IV Therapy is that it can cleanse the body of harmful chemicals. An IV Therapy specialist will customize prescriptions to fit individual needs, and for men and women that want to remove toxins, glutathione will most likely be added into the formulation. Glutathione helps to remove free radicals, which cause oxidation in the cells and increase cancer risks; high dosages of this nutrient can cleanse the body of unwanted chemicals.
Improved Memory
Aging, a build up of toxins in the brain, and hormonal imbalances can all cause memory loss and reduce the integrity of a person’s ability to remember. IV Therapy can be customized to include nutrients, such as glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid because they help to reduce toxins. IV prescriptions may also include Omega 3’s because fats feed the brain and can help to improve memory.
Increased Focus
Many people that have jobs requiring high levels of mental energy may feel that they are unable to focus. Over work, exhaust, and poor nutrition may hinder a person’s ability to concentrate. IV Therapy can help men and women to focus better with prescriptions that include Vitamins B6, B12, C, and A combined with calcium and magnesium. An IV Therapy specialist will design protocols to suit individual needs and preferences.
More Endurance
Endurance is important in daily activities or those that are strenuous and require more energy. IV Therapy can help to build up endurance with nutrients such as amino acids, arginine, and electrolytes. Amino acids help to build proteins, which build muscle mass, and arginine helps blood to flow better so that it can reach muscles and the heart more easily. An IV Therapy specialist can help patients to determine which combination of nutrients will best help to build up their endurance.
Reduced Muscle Recovery Time
IV Therapy can help to reduce the time it takes muscles to recover after a workout. Generally, muscles break down and rebuild during recovery time; however, IV Therapy may help with this process and speed up recovery time. Nutrients such as arginine, Vitamin D, amino acids, and B Vitamins can help muscles to recover and rebuild faster. An IV Therapy specialist can help patients to determine the best combination of nutrients for their specific needs.

Increased nutrients in the bloodstream can help with thousands of bodily functions, including detoxification, blood flow, metabolism, and muscle building. Numerous patients have been able to regain their vitality and increase their overall quality of life with IV Nutrient Therapy.

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