Chesapeake Wellness Center

Chesapeake Wellness Center

120 Sallitt Drive, Suite F
Stevensville, Maryland 21666

Paul Beals, M.D. – Chesapeake Wellness Center of Stevensville, Maryland

Maryland IV Therapy Clinic Chesapeake Wellness Center offers IV Therapy to treat everything from chronic disease and the common cold, to improving athletic performance recovery and aesthetic appearance. Because it’s made from natural substances that your body needs, the positive effects are endless. It’s like building the best you using the natural building blocks your body requires. Dr. Beals’ philosophy is treating the whole patient with the “Best of Both Worlds” using Conventional Medicine and Complementary/Alternative Medicine to help the individual achieve a healthier state. With over three decades of medical experience, Dr. Beals knows how to determine your deficiencies and help you determine which IV Therapy drip is right for you.

Additional Services Offered by Chesapeake Wellness Center

  • Family Practice Medicine
  • Holistic Medicine Nutrition
  • ILADS Liam Literate Doctor
  • Integrative Cancer Support
  • LabCorp on site

Patient Success Story

Dr Beals saved my life. Seriously. I went undiagnosed for over a year. Saw many doctors who didn’t care or believe I had Lyme. My symptoms were getting worse, it turned into very serious neurological symptoms. I was not able to function in my daily life. Especially, being a new mother which was supposed to be the happiest time in my life. It was taken from me due to Lyme. However, being a mom was the only thing that gave me strength. After a year on antibiotic treatment I’m finally better. I don’t know if it’s gone. But I do know I go months being symptom free. And doctor Beals has been spot on with everything!! Always. He cares and knows what he’s talking about. Front desk Kasey is the best and makes the whole experience pleasant. If it wasn’t for doctor Beals...I don’t know where I would be.
For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 800-775-2150 Ext. 207. We look forward to hearing from you!