Intravenous nutrient therapy, also known as IV Therapy, uses high doses of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to treat a wide range of health issues. In some cases, doctors may prescribe IV therapy as a preventative measure or to improve the patient’s overall health. The specific dosage and elements received intravenously is determined by the patient’s current symptoms and response to previous methods of treatment.

Why Should Someone Choose IV Therapy?

When a person has healthy digestion, his or her gastrointestinal (GI) tract beaks down food, drinks, and medications and delivers the nutrients to the blood by way of the GI tract lining. However, this process if ineffective for many people for a variety of reasons. Those who have a weak gut are unable to process the nutrients properly, leading to an upset stomach or excretion of the nutrient through urination or a bowel movement. The nutrients never reach the blood or the cells that depend on them for good health. Other people absorb only some of the nutrients, thereby losing the full potency of their nutrition or medication.

IV therapy is an ideal solution because it bypasses the GI tract entirely. This eliminates problems with oral administration as well as the need to limit ingestion of minerals like magnesium, nutrients, and certain vitamins. For example, consuming large amounts of Vitamin C orally may cause severe stomach upset that may lead to vomiting and diarrhea. When administered intravenously, the vitamin goes directly to the bloodstream and is absorbed immediately without complications.

Popular Types of Intravenous Therapy Drips

Because of the wide range of conditions that IV Therapy treats, there are several different kinds of IV Therapy. An IV Vitamin Therapy specialist can help patients to determine which type of IV Therapy is right for them. Some of the types of IV Therapy include:

Vitamin C
Increased dosages of Vitamin C can help patients that are suffering from cancer, chronic viral infections, or autoimmune diseases. Because it is a major antioxidant, it can boost immune function while flushing out toxins.

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Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Vitamin C can be given intravenously to detoxify the body and prevent the side effects of high levels of free radicals, chemical, and pollution.

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Myers Cocktail
This special mixture of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can benefit close to 50 different health conditions, and it has been in use for close to four decades.

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Immune Booster
Essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals can be a part of IV Therapy infusions in order to elevate immune function and prevent illnesses.

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Detoxification & Chelation Therapy
Metabolic waste, heavy metals, and xenoestrogens from the environment can all build up in the blood and the liver, leading to increased toxicity and reduced organ functioning. IV Therapy with Glutathione, which sticks to toxins and guides them out of the body, can help with detoxification.

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Stress is one of the leading causes of poor health because it leads to inflammation, lower immune function, and reduced adrenal gland function. IV Therapy can help to manage the physiological consequences of stress on the body, while producing an overall calming effect.

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Energy Boosting
Many people suffer from ongoing fatigue and syndromes such as chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue; however, with IV Therapy, important nutrients can be restored to boost energy levels.

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An IV Therapy doctor with experience in providing intravenous concoctions will help patients decide which nutrients are best for them. Endless combinations of nutrients are available with any type of IV Therapy, and an IV Therapy specialist can customize infusions to suit individual needs.

Getting Started With IV Therapy

To get started with IV Therapy, patients must do some research and find an IV Therapy doctor that they feel comfortable working with. Upon going in for a consultation, the IV Therapy specialist will take down the patient’s complete medical history, assess their health concerns, and discuss their treatment goals. Based on the physicians’ findings, he or she may also deem it necessary to perform some lab tests. After completing a full assessment, the IV Therapy specialist will develop a treatment plan that will be customized to fit personal needs.

IV Vitamin Therapy is a simple and non-invasive procedure that may take up to a few hours at most. The physician will insert a line into a vein and the nutrient mixture will slowly drip out over the course of an hour or more, depending on the size of the drip. The nutrient infusion will be based on the treatment plan, and most patients wield incredible results.

While almost anyone can benefit from IV Therapy, some people may not be able to undergo IV Therapy for health reasons. Hemophiliacs and people with vein diseases or clotting disorders may not be able to benefit from IV Therapy. An IV Therapy specialist can help patients to determine if IV Therapy is right for them, prescribe customized plans, and help them to optimize their health with IV Vitamin Therapy.

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